About Joseph

Hello everyone,
I am Joseph D'Airo: a psychic medium, intuitive counselor and intuitive artist. I have been communicating with Spirit since I was a little kid. At first, it was just family members who I never met before, but as I grew my interactions with Spirit grew. For years I have been giving messages from Spirit as they guide me to speak to their loved ones here in the physical world. The Spirits that I channel are those who come to visit from Heaven, who desire to give their loved ones messages of guidance and healing. I am extremely grateful that Spirit chooses to speak through me and touch the lives of so many people with their messages. I am amazed everyday with how Spirit gives those messages and supports us all as we continue to journey through the beatiful experiences that life offers us. We all recieve divine guidance from spirit, perhaps the Spirits around me just talk louder.

How did this all come about for me?

Well, to start, mediumship runs in my family. However, it wasn't really discussed while I was growing up. I feel the family didn't understand what it was, so we kind of kept it quiet. It was interesting growing up and being around other children and being able to hear the Spirits around them. I had memorable interactions with others when Spirit asked me to relay messages. Those moments were always interesting. As a child with his head always in the clouds, my attention was often on Spirit and things I saw that no one but my sibilings seem to notice. Years ago we had the pleasure of hosting a group reading at our home with a special medium, whom I hold dear to my heart. The hilarity of that meeting started when the medium claimed that we didn't need her there because she was sitting in a house of mediums. Our spiritual and psychic connection was exposed to us with a name to it, we were all mediums. That was such a life-changing experience for my family. My past made sense, it all was clear. I was estactic.

From there my Father was directed to Pat Longo, a Spiritual Healer from Long Island, NY and soon after my whole immediate family was attending Pat's gatherings to focus and understand our ability to communicate with Spirit. From there I learned to sharpen my skills and most of all trust what I receieve from spirit. Before I knew it, Pat put me in her psychic fair and away I went! I am so grateful to Pat and all the friends that I have made, all the places that I have been to and all the messages that I been able to give. This jouney will never end, and I will never stop learning. This is who I am, what I have the pleasure to be a part of, and I know all of this is a piece of the big picture for the highest good of all.

I often express my communication with Spirit through artwork, a skill I picked up from my Mother, and have done since I was a child. Today I channel different entities and beautiful images that I seefrom spirit and translate them onto paper or canvas. I hope through my artwork to give peace, love, and connection to Spirit.


  • So now...

    I am continuing on my spiritual path giving messages, guidance, and healing from Spirit. I love doing this on behalf of Spirit and very grateful for everything that has taken place on this journey.