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Sometime spirit compells me to share some of their wisdom alongside some of my own words. I will also post card readings for some days, as well as anything I feel can go here with what is going with me. Please check back for updates.


  • March 3, 2015

    New Energy Wave this month into next.

    We live in an amazing time. The cosmos are bringing to us new waves of energy that is all positive. As a reaction to the new energies we are experincing changes. Deep personal and worldly things that have been underlining are bubbling to the surface to be taken care of, or are being brough to our attention. This a time of resolution of issues (not necessarily bad issues) that haven't been address before. A big time in making choices on a personal level. What do you want to do? Ideas are popping in your head with new things to do. Maybe you have been holding yourself back from something or someone important. You are being reminded that something you desire is in your reach, you need to have courage and go for it. This could be a time when its seems hard to focus or maybe you feel a lack of motivation to do anything. Anxiety may be high right now.

    Your choices now are going to lead you to the future. Know that any decision you make is the perfect one. Any decision is just going to lead you down a different path, but please know that you are being guided to your destination the whole time. Trust your own choices path, that is what your perfect path is.
  • February 13, 2015

    Soul Mate Connections

    In celebration of love, I felt compelled by spirit to do this writing.

    Souls come in to each lifetime for the experience and lessons that life presents to them. Souls do create/ decide what their lessons or interactions with others can be. The matter of when those experiences and interactions happen depend on the person's free will. If the soul decides that something is going to happen then there will be opportunities for whatever that may be. Souls choose to interact with souls they are close to, we interpret this as soul mates.

    Soul mates are not always love relationships, as we often think of. Soul mates are simply two souls in this lifetime who share a deep connection on the other side (heaven) who choose to play roles in this lifetime. Soul mates could be in any type of relationship: parent-child, siblings, aunt to niece or nephew, or friendships. Although love is in every relationship, the point is that not every soul mate relationship is an intimate one.

    I hope to help clarify what a soul connect can be for anyone. I can only explain from my own experiences, the experiences that I observe from those around me, from the readings that I had the pleasure to give, and further from what spirit describes to me. One possible way to recognize a soul mate connection, non intimate but also applies to intimate relationships, is in the way you feel around someone. I must express that everyone experiences things differently. It's hard to describe a feeling or emotion but soul mates share a deep connection, an understanding with each other. It could take the form of sharing many similar interests, sharing deep conversations, or just knowing what the other person is feeling. Soul mates experience this connection on a spiritual level, where love is so powerful. They may feel that being around the other person is comforting and joyful. For any soul mates to interact in this lifetime, is a joyful privilege. Each person may feel the connect but may not understand what this connect is. Don't concern yourself if you aren't sure if a relationship is on the soul mate level. Trust that things will be clearer at a later time. Sometimes souls experience lifetimes with new souls they haven't interacted with before and everything is basically new. Keep in mind that the soul understands, therefore deep inside you do understand.

    For the souls that decide to be in an intimate relationship in this lifetime the connections described before still apply. The connect takes the form further as intimate lovers. This could be one of the most amazing experiences for those involved. They feel more than just a physical attraction, there is more present: there is a different feeling, there is a strange curiosity to things you feel you already know, there is a deep reaction, there is a familiarity about the other person. There are many different ways to recognize an intimate soul mate connection, too many to describe. One that I have seen most often is two people who share a powerful connection from the moment they meet. Whether they enact on the connection or hold back in uncertainty is up to them, but they recognize that something is there and not simply physical attraction. The other instance, I have observed, are two people who keep running into each other throughout their lives. The attraction is there but for numerous reasons these two people don't share an intimate relationship, but the souls know what they are doing, whether its the soul mate reason or that these two souls come into each other lives to teach each other something. Souls experience lifetimes simply for the experience, to teach other souls and to learn from other souls. I feel the soul mates are the greatest teachers and experiences the greatest lesson from their soul mates.

    Everyone has a soul mate in every lifetime interacting with them at some point. Some connects are only meant for a short time, some are meant forever. The time frame depends on what the souls planned to do in conjunction with the person's free will.

    We fall in love, because its the greatest experience we know. We are all loved and can share in the that joyful, practically unexplainable thing to be. Whether you experienced a soul mate connection, are experiencing a soul mate connection now, or its in your future know that you are loved to the highest degree. Every soul interaction, mates or not, is a beautiful thing, a privilege that I hold in high regard. To the soul mates out there who understand what their relationship is about, the connection, I hope you are living in the magic of whatever that relationship can give. To those who may not realize the connection, I wish you the same. For all I want to say that life is a wondrous thing that we are experiencing. So go out, have no fear and enjoy it all.



  • February 12, 2015

    Angel Card of Abundance

    Your message today is to know that a new flow of support is coming your way. Ask your angels, your guides, your spirits or the universe to help you release fear about scarcity so that you can enjoy the abundance.

    At this time for everyone the universe is bathing us in a beautiful new energy that can help us with whatever we choose. The source of the abundance is the guiding force of the universe, the god source. Your faith, no matter how small, has created a new manifest of abundance in your life right now. Keep your faith, as it ensure the steady flow of physical things, mental things, emotional things, and spiritual things. A perfect affirmation to say to yourself at this time is: "I accept the good and the abundance graciously into my life. All of my needs are met abundantly for me now and always. I ask this to be for the highest good of all concerned.
  • February 11, 2015

    The Attraction of Desires, manifesting your desirs into reality.

    (A brief explanation)

    As the days go by, what are you thinking about all day long? Beyond your work of the day and beyond what needs attention at the moment, what are you thinking about? Is it that special person, that special location, that special item you want in your hands?

    The simple principle of the Law of Attraction is that you get what you think about. If you are thinking of something, the uinverse is giving it to you ready or not. The simple trick of this is that you must watch what you think or say. If your thoughts imply the lack of something, you are giving the lack. Think of your head as the radio transmitter and the universe is the receiver, always listening to every thought, every word, every implication. Basically you are the boss, you think and the uinverse delivers. An obstacle you may be facing is simply the wording of your thoughts or phrases, you may be implying the lack.

    For example: You desire money, so you think to yourself: I need money, I should have more money, I deserve more money, why can't I get that raise, why can't I win the lottery, why do I alway not have enough... etc. Each of these thoughts implies the lack of money, the universe is listening and hears "I lack money," so it provides a lack. Just thinking about money doesn't direct the universe to do anything.

    In continuing the example, to receive money from the abundant bank of the universe, you need to think, and/ or speak in the present or past tense (It's better in the past tense) of the abundance of money you already have. Yes, you don't actually have it in your hands yet, but the key is your are attracting it to youself with this tool of thinking. By thinking/ saying phrases like: "I have more than enough money to do anything I want, I have more than enough to cover every bill, I always have more than I need, there is always extra, my bank account is growing all the time, I have abundance," you are teling the universe that you have money, so by the Law of Attraction you will be given more money. With this concept, understand that the universe has the abundance, there is an unlimited supplied of everything for everyone, we just need to have faith in this and then ask for it.

    To further this manifest, it is more powerful to add gratitude to your mental/ physical statements: "I am grateful that I have more than enough money, I am so glad that every month every bill is covered and I have more than enough to have some fun, I am thankful my bank account is always growing."

    Gratitude implies that you already received the manifest although you didn't actually yet, this is a mental trick for yourself. Think about this; when you receive a gift, you are grateful for getting it. In manifesting we are using this feeling to connect with the manifest. Gratitude is a powerful feeling and the universe respondes to gratitude by giving you more things to be grateful for.

    The biggest part of manifesting is believing what you are saying/ thinking is absolute truth, you believe that you already have a lot of money. The faith is the biggest part of this, if you have faith in what you are saying/ thinking the universe listens to that faith, feels it and provides what you are asking for because you believe it. True gratitude is like showing your faith in the manifest. What you say and what you believe is what you receive.

    It may take some practice to get yourself to have faith in what you are doing, but that time is worth the results. The Law of Attraction can be applied for anything, no limitations. Once your faith is true in the manifesting, you may get some small indications that the manifest is working. Such as: finding money on the ground, some else offers to pay for a meal, you get a small raise, you win a little money playing the lottery, etc. Think of this small stuff that usually happens first as your mind testing you. You mind wont accept a big sum of money until it accepts a small amount first, and build on that until you really get things rolling. You have to trust that its working and then the small things start to become bigger things. Its our human way of getting ourselves comfortable with being in control and telling the universe what to do. We need to start small and build up. Trust me, as much as your want the large sums of money, your subconsious is working against you. Your subconcious is telling you that this isn't real, manifests aren't real, and that you don't direct the universe for things in your life. The little tests that come along is from your mind, trying to get comfortable subconsiously with what you are doing. My advice to allow it, recognize that the small thing are the manifest working/ coming into the physical world for you. Remind yourself that this is your power, you manifest that is happening, understand and believe it and it will continue.

    I wish you the best in your manifesting.


    May this be for the highest good of all concerned.

  • January 28, 2015

    Angel Card

    Today or this week you may be experiencing some bothersome reccuring challenges in important life decisions. Other people around you hold different goals and values, and you may be confused on how to proceed. Its best to try and understand their viewpoints but respect your own as well. Don't waffle in deciding what to do, make the best decision you feel you can and move forward. Their is more suffering is being indecisive than acutally going with a choice. I promise that any choice you make will still bring you to a positive place.