Questions & Answers

Just a reminder. I am a talker and can probably go on all day long. To save some time let me answer some questions that come up often.


What is Spirit to me?

Spirit to me is energy; a force that exists in everything and everyone, our souls, the souls of our loved ones, our Angels and Guides, higher entities, the Universe and beyond. I use the word "Spirit" generally to cover it all. I feel that we and Spirit are all part of the collective Divine, Source, or god energy. Spirit has shown me that all faiths are the same energy just given a different appaerance, to me all are the same respectfully.

  • How do I communicate with Spirit?

    That's a bit complicated to explain. I see and hear Spirit with my physical eyes and ears, as well as my mind's eyes and ears. I can also feel Spirit's meaning or intention on an emotional level. I am able to interpret the emotions that Spirit offers me, as well as feeling them physically if they touch my shoulder or my hand. Often Spirit plays movies or shows me imagery in my head. Spirit can also show me symbols that I do interpret but I also am constanly asking for clairity from Spirit in how to express what I see.

Spirit exists in a higher realm, or what we know as Heaven. Everything there exists as energy that operates on a positive higher vibration. Earth exists on a lower vibration than Heaven. As a medium, I am techinaclly delivering the mail from Heaven to Earth bychanneling the energies while I listen to what spirt has to say and expressing what I receive from the communication. A lot is going on in my head while I do this. I focus on the messages and validations that Spirit gives to us to provide the guidance and healing from them.

  • Can I channel anyone in particular?

    I honestly don't have a say in who comes to talk to me, whether its a passed loved one, pet, Angel or Guide. I can certainly ask for someone, but Spirit has shared with me that they know what to do and what is best to be going on in a reading. No matter who comes to talk, the messages for you will always be for your highest good.

  • What does Spirit do in heaven?

    I have been told from my guides that we are all a part of the cosmos and we all have a part in keeping it going. Some of us go on to be a guide for others souls who choose to be here on Earth, to keep all energy flowing smoothly and keep all balances that need to be balanced. There is a complex plan that is going on behind the scenes, and we here in the physical world (what I call Earth) have a part in it as well.

    Spirit also tells me that Heaven is everything we envision it to be and more. Its a place where Spirit can do whatever it desires in the most positive place.
  • Do we all have guides?

    Yes, we all have guides: Guardian Angels, Spirits Guides, animal Spirit Guides, etc. I have learned that they are all the same energy, the same force that is help to help each of us. We here in the physical world can choose the form they take, our own personal interpretation of what that guide looks like, what they represent to us individually. No matter what denomination we are, we have a guide. We can choose to see them as we feel comfortable, maybe as we relate to a religion or a specific belief system. We can also have more than one at any time. Passed loved ones can also be a guide for us. Sometimes we can have new guides come into the picture depending on what is going on in our lives. No matter what we also have a guide here to help us.

  • Can a reading help me connect to a past life?

    Spirit can certainly tell me about your past lives. I have noticed that if a past life has something to do with your current situation then Spirit will talk about it in a reading. Lessons learned, energy fom the past, Karma, however you wish to describe the energy that our souls can bring into our current life, there is a purpose for it. We can certainly discuss your past lives. I feel though that information from a past life is a very personal thing and must be treated with respect.

  • Can Spirit tell me about the future?

    We are given free will in this world, so I beleived that the future holds whatever we wish it to be. Spirit tells me that they give us the most likely outcome based on what we are currently doing and thinking. If we change what we are doing and thinking then we can change our future. Our souls come into this world with a plan on what to learn and experience, our free will determines how and when we experience things. Basically, Spirit is telling you what you are probably creating for yourself in the future.

  • How do I know if Spirit sending me signs and symbols?

    This question often comes up in readings. Spirit validates their presence in your life by using signs and symbols. Spirit is always around us and always interacting, its just a question of understanding what they are doing around us. Spirit will use your reference frame to interact with you. An example; my family associuates the red Cardinal with passed loved one, so everytime we think of our loved ones the red Cardinals appear either as a real or bird or even a picture of a Cardinal. Spirit can also use numbers in specific orders, money, colors, flowers, basically anything as long as it has a meaning to you. Symbols can come in perfect timing if you are thinking of Spirit or even have a question in your head and then you notice the symbol. Please knoiw that the symbol is meant for you at that perfect moment.

    More and more people are feeling, hearing and even seeing Spirit. I feel more and and more people are opening up and are ready to interact with Spirit. As you accept the interactions and symbols, its possible to have more connection from Spirit.