First of all, get me started and I will talk forever! My focus, though, is to help you connect with Spirit. This connection may be to help you heal from the past, understand the purpose of your past, continue to grow as a wonderful person, help you in your relationship with spirit, understand the soul as your Spirit, the Universe and the Divine. I will help you discover that you are part of the Divine, the Universe, a beautiful energy that is living a story that you as yourself are holding the pen and paper to. I will help you open up to the positive energy that creates joy. I channel Spirit, Angels and Spirit Guides whom all have a purpose in helping you on your path.

Private Readngs

One-on one-meetings for you to receive messages and guidance from spirit. These last for one hour.

Private readings are held either at my home on Long Island or we can arrange a location. For clients in and around NYC, I hold private readings at a few select spiritual centers.

  • Group Readings

    For group readings, I ask for a minimum of 6 attendees and a maximum of 12. Readings can be held at a home, office, restaurant or wherever you wish to hold the gathering. I do an open group style where I sit with everyone at once and go around the room with whatever Spirit wishes to express. These are usually about 2-2.5 hours long. I can also do a one at a time style where we can sit in a quiet space for your private reading and I continue the private sessions until everyone is read.

  • Fundraisers

    I am avaible to do special fundraisers and other events.

  • Restaurant Readings

    I am availble to do singel-night open readings at restaurants, or to do a night of individual private readings.

  • Worshops

    I am also avaible to host workshops:

  • Guided Meditation

    I have introduced people to meditation who have never done it before. I can show you some simple techniques and explain how to relax your mind and find that mental place for meditation.

    -Meditation to connect to your Guides , Angels, and Higher Beings for guidance.

    -Meditation to clear out negative energy and strengthen your postive energies through the chakras of your body.

    -Meditation for personal clarity to understand your life situations and guidance on what to do in your daily life.

  • -Past Life Workshop
  • I introduce you to what past lives are and how its different for everyone. With guided meditation, I walk you along with your guides into your past lives. The group takes a short visit into a few past lives. Each individual has their own experience during the meditation. After the meditation there is open discussion about what was experienced and I give guidance and messages from spirit about your past life.

  • -Intuitive Drawing/ Painting Workshop
  • This workshop focuses on bringing spirit into your artwork, to help you channel from higher dimensions images of beautiul art. I explain my experience with channeling spirit through some of my art and then we start with a short meditation where we balance our energies ask your guides to give us inspiration and either sketch or paint what comes to us. You don't have to know how to draw or paint for this workshop, just go with the flow of whatever you feel. I guide you to connect and feel spirit and let the art blossom.